Office of Health Equity 
Lillian Zuniga, Manager
Office of Health Equity
6101 Yellowstone Road, Suite 420
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Phone: (307) 777-5601
Email: Lillian.zuniga@.wyo.gov
Website: www.womh.org

Organizational Structure/History
The Minority Health Program is maintained within the Wyoming Department of
Health, Division of Rural and Frontier Health. A minority health coordinator was
appointed in January, 1996 by the department director. Then a Minority Health
Committee was organized with members from different ethnic backgrounds,
who work with public and private agencies dealing with minorities and underserved
populations across the state. In June 2006, the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH)
formally changed the Minority Health Program to the Wyoming Office of Multicultural
Health (WOMH). To represent the varied diversity in culture, the Minority Health
Committee was renamed the Multicultural Health Advisory Committee (MHAC). The
MHAC members expanded to include State and Community Agency Representatives
working together collaboratively to develop a multi-disciplinary team focusing on
health care services for Wyoming’s underserved and minority populations.
Purpose/Mission Statement
The Mission of WOMH is to minimize health disparities among underserved
populations in the state through collaboration, advocacy, and education, and to promote
culturally and linguistically competent programs aimed at improving access to health
care services in support of:
▪ Healthy People 2010 Initiatives
        Eliminate health disparities, and
        Increase quality and years of healthy life.
            ▪ Support Program Enhancement Activities
        Improve collaborations among state and private sectors; and
        Improve the health status among all priority populations in WY including ethnically and culturally diverse, medically underserved populations.
Program Activities
The Wyoming Office of Multicultural Health serves as the point of contact and
resource entity for the Department of Health. The program includes intra/interagency
and resources coordination; analysis of data, trends and policy implications; technical
assistance and outreach to underserved and minority populations; consultation
in convening task force on special problems; community planning and development; promotion of cross-cultural understanding among state programs and provider
communities to ensure culturally competency services.
In 2006, the WOMH was awarded an Infrastructure Building Contract by the
Federal Office of Minority Health (OMH) for the purpose of developing a statewide
comprehensive Wyoming Health Disparity State Plan (HDSP). This comprehensive state plan will serve as a blue-print to aid collaboration and partnership building among state agencies, academic institutions, and community groups. The HDSP is currently available in WORD and PDF format at the following website: http://health.wyo.gov/rfhd/multicultural/index.html.
The Wyoming Office of Multicultural Health (WOMH) has developed a Health Disparities State Plan that directs WDH efforts to eliminate racial/ethnic health disparities. It is structured around the following key WDH committees, and their respective missions and activities:
The Health Disparity State Plan Subcommittee Missions
Steering Committees: To facilitate access to health information, education and risk
reduction activities that will benefit multicultural communities. Activities include to:
▪ Assist in clarifying and defining the role of the Office of Multicultural Health;
▪ Create an awareness of health status of multicultural communities;
▪ Begin the process of developing policies and plans benefiting these communities; and
▪ Develop tracking systems to ensure that the needs of these communities are
    integrated and addressed within all health department programs.
Data Committee: To raise awareness of health disparities in Wyoming;
Outreach of Education Committee: To increase public and professional awareness of
the importance and availability of cultural and linguistically appropriate health care
services for Wyoming residents; and
Resource Committee: To enhance the dissemination of health educational information
to Wyoming residents impacted by health disparities.
Eliminating Health Disparities Statewide Initiatives
The establishment of the Wyoming Office of Multicultural Health in June 2006 enables the WOMH to secure funding from The Federal Office of Minority Health (OMH) to continue the implementation of the HDSP. WOMH will work with its partners to draw on the large pool of existing resources from state and community agencies in an effort to collaborate in planning, development and implementation of multilevel systematic approaches to reduce health disparities for minorities and underserved populations in Wyoming. 
Level of Funding Sources
TheDepartment does not have specific funds for multicultural health functions. The
position assigned to this “Office” is funded through State General Fund. In FY07 the
WOMH was awarded a contract by OMH through Westaff Inc. for seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000.00) to develop the Wyoming HDSP. The State Partnership Grant (SPG) awarded by OMH for FY 2008 and a grant from the Wyoming Maternal and Child Health Program enabled WOMH to operate and to implement the HDSP. The FY 09 SPG awarded to the WOMH is the only resource supporting the continuing implementation of the HDSP and WOMH operation. WOMH will seek continuous application of the State Partnership Grant funds for future operation.
                                  Year                        Federal           State             Private

FY 2007
FY 2008
FY 2009

The Wyoming Office of Multicultural Health is awaiting the opportunity to re-apply for
the Federal Office of Minority Health State Partnership Grant and to seek exception
budget from the state for future operation.
Recent Publications
The Wyoming Health Disparity State Plan published in January 2013 is available in
both WORD and PDF format at: http://health.wyo.gov/rfhd/multicultural/Report.html   A hard copy is available by contacting Lillian Zuniga, Manager at (307) 777-5601 or  Lillian.zuniga@.wyo.gov